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R. Awadallah, I. ALAgha, T. Miksa, A. Rauber, J. Davidson, A. Yahya, A. Tammaro, S. Caselli, J. Anderson, D. Anderson, N. Salman, Y. Abuzir:
"Setting up Open Access Repositories : Challenges and Lessons from Palestine";
in: "16th International Conference on Digital Preservation, iPRES 2019", International Conference on Digital Preservation, 2019, 11 pages.

English abstract:
Research outputs produced by developing
countries lack visibility. Common reasons are high costs
of publishing, reluctance to share, as well as lack of jour nals focusing on research challenges specific to develop ing countries. The ongoing change towards open access
and the rising popularity of institutional repositories al lows for bridging the gap to developed countries. How ever, this still requires cultural, organizational and tech nical changes. In this paper, we describe a holistic ap proach for deploying open access repositories and build ing research data management services and increasing
data curation skills. We describe how we identified users´
needs and necessary supporting systems and services. We
also explain the rationale and challenges faced when im plementing popular repository systems and share experi ences in developing institutional data management poli cies. Finally, we provide common goals for a national
roadmap. All these actions are the first step towards
the preservation of both research outputs and cultural as sets. The paper is based on our experiences from ROMOR
project that helped in establishing policies, systems, and
organizational workflows at four Palestinian universities.
Keywords - Open Access, Institutional Repositories,
RDM, Policy, Developing Countries.
Conference topics - 1. Collaboration: a Necessity, an
Opportunity or a Luxury? 4. Building Capacity, Capability
and Community

Open access publishing - Palestine;Institutional repositories - Administration - Palestine;Electronic information resources - Management;Research - Information services;Open access publishing - Developing countries

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