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G. Di Fratta, C.-M. Pfeiler, D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri:
"The mass-lumped midpoint scheme for computational micromagnetics: Newton linearization and application to magnetic skyrmion dynamics";
Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics, 6 (2022).

English abstract:
We discuss a mass-lumped midpoint scheme for the numerical approximation of the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation, which models the dynamics of the magnetization in ferromagnetic materials. In addition to the classical micromagnetic field contributions, our setting covers the non-standard Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction, which is the essential ingredient for the enucleation and stabilization of magnetic skyrmions. Our analysis also includes the inexact solution of the arising nonlinear systems, for which we discuss both a constraint preserving fixed-point solver from the literature and a novel approach based on the Newton method. We numerically compare the two linearization techniques and show that the Newton solver leads to a considerably lower number of nonlinear iterations. Moreover, in a numerical study on magnetic skyrmions, we demonstrate that, for magnetization dynamics that are very sensitive to energy perturbations, the midpoint scheme, due to its conservation properties, is superior to the dissipative tangent plane schemes from the literature.

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