D. Wertjanz, E. Csencsics, T. Kern, G. Schitter:
"Bringing the lab to the fab: Robot-based inline measurement system for precise 3D surface inspection in vibrational environments";
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, (2022).

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper presents the integrated design of a robot-based inline measurement system for precise 3D surface inspection on free-formed objects. The measurement system comprises a MAGLEV measurement platform that is mounted to an industrial robot and enables the out-of-plane tracking of an arbitrarily oriented sample surface. This establishes lab-like conditions for the integrated optical 3D measurement tool directly in a vibrational environment. Using a PID control architecture with a tracking control bandwidth of 600 Hz, the effects of a vibration signal with 15.5 m rms can be reduced to disturbances with 236 nm rms. The orientation-independent measurement performance is demonstrated by imaging a calibration standard with 20 m pitch in various robot poses. Experiments show that the system is capable of reducing the axial measurement uncertainty by a factor of 12, enabling robot-based 3D measurements with submicrometer resolution on freeform surfaces in a vibrational environment.

Three-dimensional displays , Robots , Service robots , Vibration measurement , Position measurement , Sensors , Semiconductor device measurement

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