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N. Bachelard, A. Schumer, B. Kumar, C. Garay, J. Arlandis, R. Touzani, P. Sebbah:
"Coalescence of Anderson-localized modes at an exceptional point in 2D random media";
Optics Express, 30 (2022), 11; 18098 - 18107.

English abstract:
In non-Hermitian settings, the particular position at which two eigenstates coalesce in the complex plane under a variation of a physical parameter is called an exceptional point. An open disordered system is a special class of non-Hermitian system, where the degree of scattering directly controls the confinement of the modes. Herein a non-perturbative theory is proposed which describes the evolution of modes when the permittivity distribution of a 2D open dielectric system is modified, thereby facilitating to steer individual eigenstates to such a non-Hermitian degeneracy. The method is used to predict the position of such an exceptional point between two Anderson-localized states in a disordered scattering medium. We observe that the accuracy of the prediction depends on the number of localized states accounted for. Such an exceptional point is experimentally accessible in practically relevant disordered photonic systems.

Anderson-localization, Exceptional points, Degeneracies, non-Hermitian physics

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