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D. Sah, M. Poongodi, P. Donta, M. Hamdi, K. Cengiz, M. Kamruzzaman, H. Rauf:
"Secured Wireless Energy Transfer for the Internet of Everything in Ambient Intelligent Environments";
IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, Volume 5 (2022), Issue 1; 62 - 66.

English abstract:
The Internet of Everything (IoE), as the primary driving force in our society's digital transformation, constitutes resource-constrained physical objects connected as a network. Energy provisioning is one of the bottlenecks to these resource-constrained devices because they operate using limited power batteries. Wireless energy transfer (WET) is a promising technology to address the issue because it can transfer power without any physical connection between the energy-constrained devices and the power sources. WET is equipped with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and it can travel in an ambient intelligence environment (AIE) to recharge the batteries of IoE. There are several challenges imposed while scheduling the UAVs for charging and discharging in the AIE. In this context, this article discusses various challenges imposed while scheduling the WET-equipped UAVs in the network, including privacy and security vulnerabilities. This article also compares the performance variance while using different energy sources for WET, along with the future scope.

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