Y. Huang, X. Qiao, P. Ren, L. Liu, C. Pu, S. Dustdar, J. Chen:
"A Lightweight Collaborative Deep Neural Network for the Mobile Web in Edge Cloud";
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Volume 21 (2022), Issue 7; S. 2289 - 2305.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Enabling deep learning technology on the mobile web can improve the user´s experience for achieving web artificial intelligence in various fields. However, heavy DNN models and limited computing resources of the mobile web are now unable to support executing computationally intensive DNNs when deploying in a cloud computing platform. With the help of promising edge computing, we propose a lightweight collaborative deep neural network for the mobile web, named LcDNN, which contributes to three aspects: (1) We design a composite collaborative DNN that reduces the model size, accelerates inference, and reduces mobile energy cost by executing a lightweight binary neural network (BNN) branch on the mobile web. (2) We provide a jointly training method for LcDNN and implement an energy-efficient inference library for executing the BNN branch on the mobile web. (3) To further promote the resource utilization of the edge cloud, we develop a DRL-based online scheduling scheme to obtain an optimal allocation for LcDNN. The experimental results show that LcDNN outperforms existing approaches for reducing the model size by about 16x to 29x. It also reduces the end-to-end latency and mobile energy cost with acceptable accuracy and improves the throughput and resource utilization of the edge cloud.

Collaborative DNNs, mobile web, binary neural network, dynamic allcoation, edge computing

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