A. Sinn, P. Prager, C. Schwaer, G. Schitter:
"Design and Evaluation of an Active Secondary Mirror Positioning System for a Small Telescope";
Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems, 8 (2022), 2; S. 029007-1 - 029007-13.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This publication presents an active compensation system for the position of the secondary mirror of a small Ritchey-Chrétien telescope system. The goal is to maintain the optical imaging quality under varying gravitational and thermal influences, by compensation for the relative position deviations between the primary and secondary mirrors. An extensive analysis concerning the feasibility of such a system for a commercial off-the-shelf small telescope is performed and used as a basis for the design of the precision measurement and positioning system. The developed prototype uses dimensional metrology to capture relative position errors of the secondary mirror. A newly designed actuator with three degrees of freedom for the secondary mirror allows us to compensate for these deviations in a closed-loop control manner and ensures optimal positions of the two mirrors at all times. The support structure design requirements are reduced, allowing the utilization of more lightweight structures, as the artificial stiffness of the compensation system takes care of keeping the telescope mirrors in place. Furthermore, the measurement principle requires no light from the telescope, thus providing 100% of the collected light for the observation. The developed actuation and measurement principles are designed for simple scalability to larger representatives of small telescopes. The implemented setup is evaluated in various poses and temperature influences, successfully demonstrating that the calculated Strehl ratio is kept well above the diffraction limit of 80% for the used telescope system.

Telescopes, Mirrors, Actuators, Optical instrument design, Temperature metrology, Imaging systems, Sensors

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