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M. Nguyen, A. Tjoa:
"Grid-based Mobile Phone Fraud Detection System";
Talk: Workshop on Access to Knowledge through Grid in a Mobile World, 5th International Conference on Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management, Vienna, Austria; 2004-12-02 - 2004-12-03.

English abstract:
The Grid Technology and Data Warehousing concepts are applied in the architecture of Grid-based Mobile Phone Fraud Detection System (GFDS) which enables online-analysis, rule-based decision support and automatic reaction for fraud detection and elimination. The GFDS system is built upon a set of Open Grid Service Infrastructure (OGSI)-based grid services and Globus Toolkit 3 (GT3) allows to conduct the analytical process on continuous data streams (CDRs) and to issue relevant actions automatically depending on the pattern of CDRs streams without using statistical approximation. The re-quirements of GFDS system, the conceptual architecture and its operation based on service invocation as well as some open issues are the main contribu-tion of the paper.

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