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P. Brosch, G. Kappel, M. Seidl, M. Wimmer:
"Teaching Model Engineering in the Large";
Talk: Educators' Symposium @ Models 2009, Denver, USA; 10-06-2009; in: "Educators' Symposium @ Models 2009", (2009).

English abstract:
Traditionally, models are considered as pretty pictures supporting
merely the documentation of a software development project. With the
rise of model-driven engineering (MDE) this viewpoint has to be
reconsidered. Models become first-class artifacts which yield the
basis for the generation of executable program code. In modern
university curricula of computer science and related fields this
paradigm shift must not be ignored. At the Business Informatics
Group (BIG) of the Vienna University of Technology we offer an
advanced modeling course called Model Engineering where we
elaborate current trends, development, and state-of-the-art
techniques necessary to realize the visions of MDE. In this paper we
report which concrete concepts and approaches we teach and how we
structure and organize a practical hands-on lab where the students
have to build their own model-driven development environment
consisting of their own modeling languages, certain types of model
transformations, and code generation facilities.

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