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O. Hödl, G. Fitzpatrick:
"UniCoMP - An Approach Towards Flexibility, Versatility and Liberty of Action on Stage";
Talk: 4th European Immersive Education Summit (E-iED 2014), Wien; 2014-11-24 - 2014-11-26; in: "Proceedings of the 4th European Immersive Education Summit (E-iED 2014)", Wien (2014), 118 - 125.

English abstract:
Musicians have been exploring new ways of making music using different custom-built and modified instruments and additional devices during performances. However, these can increase the learning effort and reduce flexibility for the performer on stage. In this paper we present "UniCoMP" (Universal Control for Musical Performances), a wireless, easy-to-use and versatile system using off-the-shelf hardware and software to more flexibly play instruments and control devices during a performance. We describe the design of UniCoMP and the results of a pilot video-based evaluation to test its use during a live concert. We found that UniCoMP increased flexibility regarding playing instruments and controlling sound effects on stage and at the same time offered the artist freedom of movement for dramaturgic purposes. We also identified deficiencies in the user interface, leading to suggestions for future improvements and for additional evaluation.

musical interface, smart phone, live music

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