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C. Hirsch, M. Redl, R. Grosu:
"Towards an Agricultural IoT-Infrastructure for Micro-climate Measurements";
Talk: Workshop on Smart Farming, Porto, Portugal; 2018-04-10.

English abstract:
Modeling, analysis, and control of crop diseases in
a minimally invasive way continues to be a grand challenge
in agriculture. While some diseases are well understood and
possess accurate prediction models, there are many other diseases
where not enough information is available yet. This precludes the
construction of predictive models, and therefore the protection
of such plants. In order to study these diseases it is necessary to
acquire sufficient information from the field, that is, the plantsī
environment and the plants themselves. This in turn allows one
to determine the environmental factors influencing or triggering
a disease, and the way the disease spreads among the plants.
We tackle this problem by building an agricultural Internet of
Things (IoT) infrastructure which we call AIoT, for measuring
the micro-climate in vineyards, which abound around Vienna.
In this paper we present the overall architecture of AIoT, how
it combines the swarm, the fog and the cloud, and describe in
some detail the sensors we have developed for the swarm.

Smart Farming, Internet of Things, Agriculutre

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