H. W. Yoo, S. Albert, G. Schitter:
"Fourier Series based Analytic Model of a Resonant MEMS Mirror for General Voltage Inputs";
Journal Of Microelectromechanical Systems, 30 (2021), 3; S. 343 - 359.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper proposes an analytic model of a resonant MEMS mirror with electrostatic actuation based on a Fourier series approximation for both the comb drive torque and the input waveform and verifies the model by measurements using rectangular input waveforms with various duty cycles. The analytic model is derived by the perturbation method, results in slow flow evolution in amplitude and phase with dynamic influence matrices and vectors and also provides the local dynamics for each equilibrium described by a Jacobian matrix. An analysis of the dynamic influence matrices and vectors provides understanding of the mirror dynamics by frequency components of the input waveform and the comb drive capacitance. The asymptotic behavior at zero amplitude provides the transition curve in an extended dynamic model, which corresponds to the well-known Mathieu's equation solely with the constant and fundamental frequency components of the input waveform. The measurement results verify the proposed model, showing less than ±0.06 % frequency error for large amplitudes and ±0.47 % for small amplitudes, which corresponds to ±1.2 Hz and ±9.6 Hz for the case of a mirror with 2 kHz natural frequency, respectively. Measurements of local dynamics and transition curves also show a good agreement with the proposed model, which can be used for a fast and accurate analysis of resonant MEMS mirrors for high precision applications.

Mirrors , Micromechanical devices , Analytical models , Mathematical model , Torque , Capacitance , Frequency measurement

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