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K. Boguslavski, A. Kurkela, T. Lappi, J. Peuron:
"Heavy quark momentum diffusion coefficient in 3D gluon plasma";
Nuclear Physics A, 1005 (2021), 121970 - 121974.

English abstract:
We study the heavy-quark momentum diffusion coefficient in far from equilibrium gluon plasma in a self-similar regime
using real-time lattice techniques. We use 3 methods for the extraction: an unequal time electric field 2-point correlator
integrated over the time difference, a spectral reconstruction (SR) method based on the measured equal time electric
field correlator and a kinetic theory (KT) formula. The time-evolution of the momentum diffusion coefficient extracted
using all methods is consistent with an approximate t-1/2 power law. We also study the extracted diffusion coefficient as a
function of the upper limit of the time integration and observe that including the infrared enhancement of the equal-time
correlation function in the SR calculation improves the agreement with the data for transient time behavior considerably.
This is a gauge invariant confirmation of the infrared enhancement previously observed only in gauge fixed correlation

Glasma, Heavy flavour, Diffusion, Pre-equilibrium dynamics, Transport, Initial stages

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