R. Diaz, M. Aminbaghai, L. Eberhardsteiner, R. Blab, M. Buchta, B. Pichler:
"Multi-directional Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) testing and quantification of the effective modulus of subgrade reaction for concrete roads";
International Journal of pavement engineering, 12 (2021), 19 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Falling Weight Deflectometry (FWD) tests are performed around the centres of two rectangular concrete plates, with geophones measuring vertical deflections in eight directions. Experimental results allow for quantifying asymmetries regarding the structural behaviour. Significant asymmetries are found for a 22-year-old plate scheduled for replacement. A new plate, tested a few weeks after production, is found to behave in a virtually double-symmetric fashion. Structural analysis of the new plate is based on Kirchhoff-Love plate theory, using free-edge boundary conditions. The support of the plate is provided by a Winkler foundation. Performing a static analysis, the uniform modulus of subgrade reaction is optimised to reproduce the measured deflections. The result is not convincing. The model is extended towards consideration of a second optimisation variable: a uniform auxiliary surface load. This allows for reproducing the measured deflections. The auxiliary load is superimposed with the pressure resulting from the Winkler foundation. This yields a realistic distribution of subgrade pressure. Dividing it by the deflections results in the distribution of the effective modulus of subgrade reaction. Finally, the analysis is extended towards the consideration of inertia forces. They increase the effective moduli of subgrade reaction determined by means of static analysis by less than 3.5%.

concrete; dynamic analysis; Field testing; FWD; modulus of subgrade reaction; static analysis

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